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Add some positive vibes to your brand with these upbeat and driven advertisement tracks. Add them to product ads, science and technology related content, non-profits videos and more.

Need to add a touch of sentimental value? Our Emotional Piano album consists of music that suits a broad range of dramatic content. Moods include sad, somber, reflective, pensive, melancholy and mild optimism.

Enjoy this collection of jazz tracks. Perfect for background lounge music or adding some of that speakeasy energy.

Synthwave music tracks inspired by the Stranger Things soundtrack. Great for science fiction, retro vibes and otherworldly content.

Colourful Pile of Old Books

Ambient and atmospheric tracks with an emphasis on texture. Our Dream State tracks are serene, peaceful, soothing and pensive. They can useful for sentimental content, light drama or abstract uses.

All funny business! Rack up the laughs with these quirky and funny strings tracks. Whether it is Looney Tunes style animation, or awkward encounters, one of these tracks is bound to suite your comedic needs.

Raise your adrenaline with our Epic Tracks album. Music suitable for large scale trailers, action/adventure oriented content, ESPORTS videos and more.

Discover a realm of magic with our fantasy collection. Music suitable for elves, fairies, dwarves, dragons, castles and ruins.

Uncharted: Sci-FI Atmospheres

Need space-y music for your video game, or film? These tracks are great for settings in outer space, alien planets, spaceships and more. Looping versions suitable for video game exploration modes.

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*For cue sheet PRO submissions:
Gerardo Garcia Jr. (ASCAP #618546138)
Isabelle Engman (STIM #513075094)
Publisher: (Suite Tracks Music)

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